Straight Fertilizers

Straight fertilizer is designed to supply a single nutrient to crops through straight application. It can also be used as raw material for the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer.

Borate Fertilizers image

Borate Fertilizers

Product range: Borate (48% B2O3)

DAP image

Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP)

Product range: DAP (18±5%), moisture 3% max

Egyptian Rock Phosphate Image

Egyptian Rock Phosphate (ERP)

Product range: ERP (28%±5% P2O5 on dry basis), moisture 3% to 5%

Muriate image

Muriate of Potash (MOP)

Product range: MOP (K2O min 60%), moisture 1% max

Urea fertilizer image

Urea Fertilizers

Product range: Prilled Urea (46±5%), moisture 1.0% max

MgO image

Mangesium Oxide (MgO)

Product range: MgO (60% – 65%) , (90%)

Kieserite image


Product range: Kieserite (MgO 27%, 17.5% S), powder or granular form