M-Series Fertilizer Products

MaQtra International (M) Sdn Bhd (MISB) has adopted enhanced technologies to develop the M series of fertilizer products suitable for all plant types in the agriculture sector.

Through the technical support and product research & development from our technology partner, we have developed a new bio-agriculture product under the tradename of “Mbio” and Mmatrix”, which is specially formulated and designed to bulk blend with various chemical fertilizers for sustainable agriculture. This is a scientific solution for improving soil fertility and crop yield/quality for agricultural modernization and sustainability.

Mbio image

Mbio+TE, Premium Bio-Organic Soil Conditioner & Root Enhancer

Mbio+TE is an eco-friendly and bio-organic product suitable for all plant types that is specially formulated and designed to bulk blend with various chemical fertilizers for sustainable agriculture. 

It acts as a solution for improving soil fertility and crop yield/quality by using patented strains of microbes in the existing soil.

Benefits of Mbio+TE

  • Improve soil fertility
  • Optimize plant growth and maximize yield potential
  • Facilitate flowering and fruiting
  • Enhance resistance of crops to diseases
  • Improve root growth and nutrients uptake

Advantages of Mbio+TE

 Mbio+TEOther Microbial Fertilizer Porducts
Active IngredientYeast ferment & Yeast fement extractSpecific microbes
Product TypeGranule (easy application)Liquid/powder (difficult to apply)
FunctionPromote the growth of various natural existing soil microbesDirect function of cultured microbes
EffectGood & Complete
- Effect is coming from natural existing soil microbes
Direct function of cultured microbes
StabilityStable under different conditionsLimited under adverse conditions
EconomicCompetitive priceExpensive
Shelf life3 YearsShort



Mmatrix is produced with new technology that provide controlled release fertilizer economical and affordable.

Designed for Immature and Mature Oil Palm

Mmatrix is specially formulated to suit immature & mature oil palm with all the essential nutrients for sustainable yields.

New Cutting-Edge Technology

Matrix Based Fertilizer (MBF) is produced by patented technology that ensure nutrients are release at the right time with right amount.

Internationally & Scientifically Proven

Mmatrix have marketed and used internationally with great results.

Matrix Based Controlled Release System


Polymer matrix forms micro-capsules to control the release of N P K, absorbents and organic materials.

Organic materials

A Micorbial decompsable material which allows N P K to be chelated and result in slow release effect.


A stable materials which allows N P K ions to be absorbed on the surface and results in substantially slow release effect.


N P K ions release slowly from:

  1. polymer micro capsules
  2. absorbent surface
  3. organic materials
 Normal Chemical FertilizerTraditional Slow Release FertilizerFertilizer with Mmatrix
PriceLow - MediumHighLow - Medium
Slow Release EffectNoYesYes (Stable)
Nutrient Use EfficiencyLowHighVery High
Potential Yield IncreaseNoYesYes
Easy Runoff When RainingYesYesNo
Application Per Year4 - 6 or more2 - 32 *